Islington Assembly Hall show announced for 17 November

Elaenia to be released 6 November via Pluto

Listen to ‘Nespole’ here:

Floating Points - also known as Sam Shepherd - today shares ‘Nespole’, the opening track from his forthcoming debut Elaenia (out via Pluto in the UK and Luaka Bop in the US on 6th November).

An intricate introduction to the album, the ebbs and flows of ‘Nespole’ set the tone for things to come. Sporting lush layers of swelling synths, it’s a brilliant precursor to the track that follows – the previously shared ‘Silhouettes (I, II & III)‘.

After debuting much of Elaenia live at Dimensions, Shepherd has also announced that he will bring his 11-piece orchestra to London’s Islington Assembly Hall on 17 November 2015. Pre-sale tickets are available now via Songkick. General sale will commence at 9am on Friday 25 September.

Elaenia will be released on LP, CD and digital download. All pre-orders of Elaenia via the store at www.floatingpoints.co.uk will receive ‘Silhouettes (I, II & III)’ and ‘Nespole’ instantly. The album can also be pre-ordered at Rough Tradeand iTunes.

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Watch the video for ‘Ocean’ here:

Olivier Heim has shared a video for ‘Ocean‘, taken from the forthcoming UK release of his debut album, A Different Life, out 4 December 2015 via his own OH Recordings. Taking inspiration from the 1960s cult French film Last Year at Marienbad, the video – directed by Katarzyna Pacura & Jan Szewczyk - blurs the line between memories and dreams, resulting in a video that isn’t just one of the year’s best, but also one of its most visually arresting.

A Different Life finds Olivier reflecting on a highly relatable transitionary period in his life – one that’s gorgeously soundtracked by a familiar yet stunningly fresh guitar sound. Born in the US but growing up in Luxembourg, Olivier is no stranger to upheaving his life, having moved to Denmark to attend school with his friend and drummer Thomas Pettit, forming a band with him called Très.b. Taking the band to Poland via the Netherlands, they earned numerous Polish awards and have remained in the country for the past five years. “I started writing A Different Life around the time that the band split up,” Olivier says. “For me, it became a record about this transition that I was going through – a transition through two different lives.”

Everything about A Different Life is meticulously constructed to Olivier’s widescreen vision. Each song is another foot forward in his journey as he settles into place upon place; every woozy guitar line tracing his steps through relationships and friendships past and present. There’s a admirably distinct aesthetic to everything Olivier does, from the dreamlike qualities of album highlight and lead single ‘Ocean’, to the wood-lined ‘70s studio at Quality Studios - the Warsaw-based blind people’s institution where the entirety of A Different Life was recorded in under a week. A Different Life is the big screen adaptation of Olivier’s life so far – every song a still from a film that has a studious and scrupulous attention to detail. Produced by Michał Kupicz and mastered by Grammy-nominee Joe Lambert (DeerhunterToro y MoiCass McCombsUnknown Mortal Orchestra), their understanding of Olivier’s ideas allowed the record to remain uncompressed, resulting in a transparent and lifelike sound that is simple yet razor-sharp.

From the age of six, Olivier and his siblings were always encouraged to play instruments, Olivier himself first deciding on the piano. After learning for seven years, he turned his eye to the guitar – his sister’s one, specifically, that was left untouched for some time in the corner of his parent’s living room. Whilst learning to play, he grew up on a diet of Marvin Gaye and The Delfonics, and while this classicism permeates through much of A Different Life, every song on the album also takes on a fresh, illusory twist on classic pop tropes. “I was never really interested in discovering new music, but I remember listening to a lot of Kurt Vile - especially his second album God is Saying This to You… - and Connan Mockasin around the time,” he recalls, explaining some of the more shimmering and serene moments to be found within. “The synthesisers were the real modern influence though. They sound really cosmic and produced, which I thought fitted nicely with the vintage bass lines and guitar.”

A Different Life is an album that feels like a forgotten favourite revisited in a lost memory. From the alluring opener ‘Far Apart’ to the slick, sensual pop of closing track ‘Drive By’, Olivier weaves tales that are born out of one universal feeling. “When I start writing a new record, I look for a sound that inspires me,” he explains. “I wanted to come up with a sound that fitted the mood of the record first. Once I found this sound, the songs came quite smoothly out of it.” Smooth is certainly one way to describe Olivier’s songwriting – from the pristine riffs of ‘It’s Getting Better’ to the luxuriant vocal display on ‘Pasadena’, Olivier proves that you don’t necessarily need winding metaphors to effectively write captivating and highly affecting songs about relationships, displacement, longing, loss and everything in-between. You just need a few honest, down-to-earth words and addictive melodies.

The lush tones permeating through A Different Life are undoubtedly hypnotic and absorbing – by the time the closing seconds of ‘Drive By’ roll around, you almost feel lost in reverie – but it’s the deeply personal stories that Olivier tells through his world of hazy sunshine and vibrant horizons that really draws you in. ‘Ocean’ for example chronicles a life that is constantly on the move, its subtle psychedelia tinged with the melancholy that comes in leaving good friends behind. ‘Italy’ on the other hand is an elegant tale of escapism, painting a picture of sweeping roads and summer air that we all long for at some point. “When I spend too much time in one place, the routine kind of brainwashes me,” he says. “Then I take a trip and none of that matters anymore. It shows that most things you struggle with are actually in your head.” Then there’s ‘Dive’, a breezy instrumental originally written for a documentary about the painter Kazimir Malevich - that bridges the albums’ two distinct halves and shows a different side to Olivier’s creativity.

An infectious, highly addictive listen, A Different Life is a refreshing summertime soundtrack that arrives in time to be a beacon of warmth this winter. However, it’s also a quietly reflective one – a sombre reflection of thoughts and feelings past and present; an album of hummable hits that carry with them a solemn emotional weight. “Will we ever go our separate ways / or will we eventually grow old?” Olivier questions on ‘Pasadena’, a velvety track that leads you on a trance-like journey through his daydreaming of other lifestyles. There’s a chronology to A Different Life that resonates in all our lives, from the feelings of listlessness and periods of struggle eloquently explored in the title track and ‘Far Apart’, to the cathartic feeling of relief that things are looking up in the exuberant ‘Drive By’. Olivier Heim may have lived many different lives, but A Different Life is his defining one thus far.

Olivier Heim by Zuza Golinuska   Magdalena  uazarczyk 6

A Different Life Tracklisting:

1. Far Apart
2. A Different Life
3. Italy
4. It’s Getting Better
5. Dive
6. Ocean
7. Pasadena
8. Endless Summer
9. Drive-by




Watch the Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule trailer here:


Neko Case is proud to announce Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule - a box set of her entire discography on 180-gram black vinyl. All 8 of her titles will be remastered from the original analog tapes, and a limited edition 80-page full color photography book designed and curated by Neko Case will also be included. A vinyl slipmat with illustration by Neko and a custom storage box are also part of the package, which will be released via Anti- Records on 13 November 2015.

Neko has also announced a show at London’s Union Chapel on 1 December, performing in a quartet for the first time in fourteen years. Tickets are available here from 9am on Friday 4 September.

Albums in Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule include:

The Virginian – On vinyl for the first time
Furnace Room Lullaby – Vinyl out of print since 2007
Canadian Amp – Vinyl out of print since 2001
Blacklisted – Vinyl out of print since 2008
The Tigers Have Spoken – Vinyl out of print since 2004
Fox Confessor Brings The Flood – Vinyl out of print since 2009
Middle Cyclone
The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You

A letter from Neko regarding Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule:

Have you ever wanted to be in a band? It doesn’t end up looking like you think it will; it’s WAY more strange and interesting than you can imagine. If you are looking for glamour, however, you’ve come to the wrong job. Glamour is for dicks anyway.

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be an artist. I thought I would end up a painter; I even went to art school. I never did a single, solitary painting. I did a lot of printmaking, photography and played in bands. I had played drums in bands since I was 17, and I toured with bands on the road from the time I was 23. Strangely enough I had no idea that this was a “job.” Music was, and is, my obsession, but I guess I couldn’t see the forest through the trees. I also didn’t feel worthy of calling myself a “musician.” It was just too sacred.

Ten years later I had to quit both of my jobs in Chicago because I was always on the road. It finally dawned on me; maybe I WAS a musician? But where were the trappings of success? You know: money? Fringey scarves and car services? My own recording studio? Regular meals? Heat?

The “rewards” were not to come in any length of time I could speculate, or at all in some cases, but it didn’t matter, because I had the people I loved. People of all stripes who have contributed in invaluable ways over the years, with skills too numerous to mention here, for I fear it would fall short of the tribute they deserve.

Luckily, I still have these good people and I am so very grateful they can still stand me. But most of all, I am grateful that they were willing to be a part.

Being in a band isn’t a race to an awards platform; it is a life, a great and complicated, messy, anxious, hilarious and home-made life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, ever. I gave up a lot of what makes people “normal”, but it was always my choice. That is a victory in itself. This is a LONG story, which I will continue later, but for now, here are some images and music to take in and wonder about. I made all this for you and me. Without you, however, the circuit does not complete. Thank you for being here with me and making music.

Neko Case
New years. 2015. From a crooked farmhouse on a snowy day.

Tour dates:

28th November - Brighton, Mutations Festival

1st December - London, Union Chapel


Released 6 November 2015 via Pluto

Watch a video comprising of music from ‘Silhouettes (I, II & III)’ here:

Floating Points - also known as Sam Shepherd - today shares his new video ‘Silhouettes‘. The music in the video is taken from ‘Silhouettes (I, II & III)’, an eleven-minute overture that is also the second track on his forthcoming debut Elaenia (out via Pluto in the UK and Luaka Bop in the US on 6th November).

Shot on location in Rio Tinto – a corner of the Spanish and Portuguese border (deemed the closest thing to Mars on Earth) as well as in the studio in Barcelona over a period of six months – the clip was directed by Junior Martínez and Pablo Barquín. “We’ve all been friends for a long time, and I was always hanging around their studio in Barcelona,” Shepherd says. “When he [Barquín] invented a light painting machine, the idea to do a music video came about very quickly. We wanted to juxtapose the light painting in an exotic environment and this lead us to Rio Tinto.”

For the past ten years, all roads Shepherd has followed have been slowly leading to Elaenia - an album with roots deep in his formative years, and one that draws upon everything Shepherd has done to date. Growing up in Manchester – where he started out as a chorister at an early age – Shepherd eventually arrived in London for university, where he spent the next five years engineering Elaenia, all the while deejaying in cities across the globe and working towards his PhD in neuroscience. An album that draws inspiration from classical, jazz, electronic music, soul and even Brazilian popular music, Elaenia - named after the bird of the same name – is the epitome of the forward-thinking Floating Points vision in 2015.

His debut album proper, Elaenia is the culmination of all things Sam Shepherd: the founder of Eglo Records, the ensemblist, the producer and scientist. He even built a harmonograph from scratch to create the artwork for Elaenia, the end result created by using it and 2 fibre optic cables of 0.5 and 1.5mm diameters, which were connected to light sources responding to bass drum and white noise percussive sounds from the album track ‘For Marmish’.

Musically, the mesmerising ebbs and flows of Elaenia span moments of light and dark; rigidity and freedom; elegance and chaos. The lush, euphoric enlightenment of ‘Silhouettes (I, II & III)’ – a three-part composition that acts as a testament to those early days Shepherd spent playing in various ensembles, complete with an immensely tight rhythm section that ends up providing a cathartic, blissful release. Elsewhere, Shepherd’s knack for masterful late night sets bare fruition to the hypnotic, electronic pulse of ‘Argenté’, which leads into final track ‘Peroration Six’ – a track with one of the biggest tension-and-release moments in music this year.

Like his contemporaries and good friends Caribou and Four Tet, Shepherd has nurtured the Floating Points name into one renowned for ambitious and forward-thinking DJ sets, having performed all over the world at events and clubs such as Output NYCTrouwSonarUnit in TokyoPanorama Bar and, of course, Nuits Sonores (which lent its name to his seminal track from summer 2014), as well as the much missed Plastic People, where he held a residency for five years. Elaenia also features a huge variety of contributors, including drums from Tom Skinner and Leo Taylor plus vocals from Rahel Debebe-DessalegneLayla Rutherford and Shepherd himself. Elsewhere there’s Susumu Mukai taking up bass, Alex Reeve on guitar, Qian Wu and Edward Benton sporting violins, Matthew Kettle on the viola and Joe Zeitlinon the cello.

Ultimately, Elaenia provides context to the music that Shepherd has been making to date. Every DJ set he’s performed, every talent he has produced, every composition he has written are thought of as precursors to Elaenia - a dazzling score which puts Shepherd in the spotlight as a composer who has produced an album that bridges the gap between his rapturous dance music and formative classical roots.

Floating Points will debut the live version ‘Silhouettes (I, II & III)’ at Dimensions Festival in Croatia tomorrow (Wednesday 26th August) where he will perform at the opening concert at the magnificent Fort Christo Punto, with an 11-piece orchestra. The show will be streamed live via http://boilerroom.tv from 8.30pm Croatian local time (7:30pm UK time).

Elaenia will be released on LP, CD and digital download. All pre-orders of Elaenia via the store at www.floatingpoints.co.uk will receive ‘Silhouettes (I, II & III)’ instantly, and the first 100 orders will receive a print of the album artwork created by the harmonograph Sam built.

The album can also be pre-ordered at iTunes.

fp elaenia LP frontcover WEB


1. Nespole
2. Silhouettes (I, II & III)
3. Elaenia
4. Argenté
5. Thin Air
6. For Marmish
7. Peroration Six

“One of the best pop albums of the year”
The Quietus



Following the release of his critically acclaimed self-titled album via Weird World earlier this year, as well as a sold out June tour, Jaakko Eino Kalevi has shared a new track called ‘Letter’.

Taken from the special edition version of Jaakko Eino Kalevi, ‘Letter’ is a cover of legendary Finnish band Kukka, showcasing a tender, more emotionally direct side to Jaakko whilst retaining his distinct idiosyncratic pop sound.

In September, Jaakko will be heading out with Unknown Mortal Orchestra on all of their dates across the UK and Europe, a full list of which can be found below. He’s also announced new headline dates for October and November, including a show at London’s Electrowerkz on 18 November.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi is out now on CD, LP and digitally. Order from iTunes or Weird World.

Praise for Jaakko Eino Kalevi

“His is a world of strange and wonderful rhythms and few debuts manage such idiosyncrasy without losing focus”
9/10 ‘Album of the Week’ Loud And Quiet

“Jaakko Eino Kalevi is a gem”
4/5 ‘Album of the Week’ Mojo

“The ideal album to soundtrack the summer”
4/5 The Times

“An entrancing mix of synth-pop and electronic grooves. Lovely stuff”

“A new favourite of ours”

“The 10 songs that make up Jaakko Eino Kalevi are some of the most imaginative you’ll hear for a long while”

“Gorgeously diverse”
8/10 Mixmag

“Jaakko Eino Kalevi is a reminder that pop can be both for your head and your feet” 4/5 DIY

“His sonic world is somewhere we’d gladly spend a two-week holiday”
4/5 Time Out

“Irresistible, and displaying as much subtlety as style”
4/5 Metro

“Kalevi’s debut will disappoint no one with a love of skewed pop”
Independent on Sunday

“The whole thing bathes in glorious groove”

“Jaakko Eino Kalevi is a true original”

“A confident collection of tracks begging to be played on repeat”
London in Stereo

UK shows:

* = with Unknown Mortal Orchestra

22nd September – Concorde 2, Brighton*

23rd September – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London*

24th September – The Library at the Institute, Birmingham*

25th September – The Ritz, Manchester*

26th September – Whelan’s, Dublin*

28th September – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham*

29th September – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds*

30th September – QMU, Glasgow*

1st October – Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield

17th November – Deaf Institute, Manchester

18th November – Electrowerkz, London

19th November – Headrow House, Leeds

21st November – The Louisiana, Bristol

International shows:

* = with Unknown Mortal Orchestra

29th August – Modern Sky Festival, Helsinki, Finland

10th September – Debaser Strand, Stockholm, Sweden*

11th September – Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden*

12th September – VEGA, Copenhagen, Denmark*

14th September – Ubel & Gefahrlich, Hamburg, Germany*

15th September – Gebaude 9, Cologne, Germany*

16th September – Zoom, Frankfurt, Germany*

17th September – Lido, Berlin, Germany*

19th September – Factorium, Tilburg, Netherlands*

20th September – TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands*

9th October – National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

10th October – Newtown Social Club, Sydney

11th October – The Zoo, Brisbane

13th October – The Social Room, Hong Kong

21st October – Bryggarsalen, Stockholm, Sweden

22nd October – Munken, Norrköping, Sweden

24th October – Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden

25th October – Voxhall, Aarhus, Denmark

26th October – Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark

27th October – Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland

28th October – Dynamo, Turku, Finland

29th October – Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland

12th November – Uebel & Gefaehrlich, Hamburg, Germany

13th November – King Georg, Cologne, Germany

14th November – Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, Netherlands

24th November – Botanique – Witloofbar, Brussels, Belgium

27th November – Zukunft Club, Zurich, Switzerland

28th November – Le Romandie, Lausanne, Switzerland

2nd December – John Dee, Oslo, Norway

3rd December – Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway

4th December – Landmark, Bergen, Norway

6th December – La Cooperative De Mai, Clermont-Ferrand, France

8th December – Hospice d’Havré, Tourcoing, France
Winter Camp Festival

9th December – Le Stereolux, Nantes, France
Winter Camp Festival

10th December – La Maroquinerie, Paris, France
Winter Camp Festival

11th December – I Boat, Bordeaux, France
Winter Camp Festival


Released via Saint Cecilia Knows on 20 November 2015

Listen to ‘In My Head’ here:

Originally released on ATCO in November 1968, singer-songwriter Scott Fagan’s bewitching debut album, South Atlantic Blues, is a genuine lost classic — a mystical, mythical and deeply soulful folk-rock masterpiece. Remastered from the original tapes, South Atlantic Blues is due to be reissued by Saint Cecilia Knows — the same label that released the acclaimed 2011 Mickey Newbury box set, An American Trilogy — in association with Scott Fagan’s own lil’fish recordsSouth Atlantic Blues will be released on CD, vinyl and digitally for the very first time on 20 November 2015.

An epic song cycle about Fagan’s hard-scrabble life in the US Virgin Islands (where he was raised and lived until 19, before returning to his birthplace, New York City), wrapped around an impassioned love story, South Atlantic Blues is driven by Fagan’s dense, allusive lyrics and experimental production that infuses his folk song stylings with R&B, jazz and Caribbean island rhythms. Front and centre on the record though is Fagan’s remarkable voice, rich with emotion and longing, which has been described as “somewhere between Scott WalkerTim Hardin, early Bowie and Donovan”. The album’s iconic cover photo, a portrait of a twenty-year-old Fagan, was shot by legendary photographer, Joel Brodsky, who took the famous ‘Young Lion’ photos of Jim Morrison and also shot the cover of Astral Weeks by Van Morrison, which was released the same month as South Atlantic Blues.

The son of a sax player and singer who fraternised with jazz greats, including Dizzy GillespieLester Young and Billie Holiday, music was Scott Fagan’s life blood and legacy. That familial connection with music would come full circle when Fagan became aware that he was the biological father of songwriter Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields, the fruit of a brief affair on the Islands just before Fagan left for New York in 1964, after Merritt announced during an interview on NPR in 2000 that his father was the folk singer Scott Fagan. They did not meet until 2013. A conversation between the two is included in the liner notes of the CD release of South Atlantic Blues.

Seeking fame, fortune, and an escape from the grinding poverty of life on the Islands, at nineteen, Fagan jumped on a schooner called ‘The Success’ to Florida and, from there, made his way to New York City, arriving with just eleven cents in his pocket. Ten of those he used to make a phone call to the Brill Building office of songwriters Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman and managed to secure an audition, in-person. On hearing him, they immediately signed the teenager up to a management and production contract with their Pomshu Productions.

Fagan spent the next two years being schooled in the craft of songwriting by his two mentors in Pomus’ suite at the Forrest Hotel. The pair also secured deals for their young charge with first Columbia (a single remained unreleased), and then ‘Twist and Shout’ songwriter Bert Berns’ Bang Records label, also home at the time to fellow singer-writer, Neil Diamond. Released in 1966, that single, ‘Give Love A Chance’, a pre-Summer of Love plea for love and understanding (backed with ‘Tutsie’, a song about an Islands character), was an early indicator of Fagan’s talent but enjoyed little commercial success.

Fagan subsequently signed with manager Herb Gart (who also represented Buffy Sainte Marie and, later, Don McClean) and began recording South Atlantic Blues in 1967, at Musicor Studios in New York, with producer Elmer Jared Gordon (co-producer of the debut album by experimental rock group, Pearls Before Swine) and arranger Horace Ott (songwriter of the Nina Simone/The Animals song ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’). Time and memory have conspired to obscure the musicians who played on the record, but they are believed to include veteran jazz and soul session players like drummers Bernard PurdieJimmy Johnson (of the Sun Ra Arkestra). Virtuoso steel pan player Victor Brady, a fellow countryman from the Virgin Islands, was a featured player on the record. On completing the album, Scott almost became the first artist signed to Apple Records (South Atlantic Blueswas in the running to be the label’s first non-Beatles album release).

The initial pressing of the reissued album comes in a limited edition, hand-numbered, 180-gram weight vinyl with a reproduction of renowned artist Jasper Johns’ 1970 lithograph, Scott Fagan Record as cover art. Johns discovered South Atlantic Blues in a cut-out bin in 1969, fell in love with the record, and used it as the inspiration for three artworks, which are now housed in (among other places) the permanent collections of MOMA, the Met and the Walker Art Center. This marks the first time that Johns has ever licensed artwork specifically for an album release. The CD edition of South Atlantic Blues, comes packaged with extensive liner notes, rare photos, and bonus audio material.

This is a reissue that heralds the rediscovery of a major talent, one that should finally see Scott Fagan accorded his place in the canon of popular music alongside his better-known ‘60s and ‘70s peers.

SAB art web


1. In My Head
2. Nickels and Dimes
3. Crying
4. The Carnival’s Ended
5. South Atlantic Blues
6. Nothin’ But Love
7. Tenement Hall
8. In Your Hands
9. Crystal Ball
10. Madame-Moiselle

Watch the video for ‘Vision’ via NOWNESS here:

Matthew E. White has shared a new video for ‘Vision’, a track from his recently released album on DominoFresh Blood. The horn-laden track gets some heartwarming treatment from filmmaker Clara Aranovich and features Edi Gathegi (Twilight, Justified, X-Men) and Caitlin Stasey (Reign, Please Like Me).

Of the video, director Clara Aranovich says:

This track captivated me immediately upon first hearing it on an indie radio station in LA and I knew instantly I wanted to direct a music video for it. I’m generally more drawn towards narrative videos and had been doing some research into the life experiences of the visually impaired (believe it or not, it was not the title ‘Vision’ that inspired the idea of exploring blindness but rather a coincidence). The song lends itself so beautifully to the growth and conclusion of a complete story that the writing process was breezy. And, as is the norm with me, what started as an intimate realistic story turned into something a bit absurd and surrealist and about so much more for me.

Matthew E. White will continue touring this summer in support of Fresh Blood.

Live dates:

8 August - Powys, UK – Green Man Festival

25 October - London, UK – Barbican Centre (Lee Hazlewood tribute)

Praise for Fresh Blood:

“Transcendentally beautiful, Fresh Blood is as good as it gets in any genre”
5/5 The Independent on Sunday

“Never mind the space, this album is the bomb”
5/5 The Sun

“Every detail on Fresh Blood feels as if it’s been calibrated for maximum hot-buttered gorgeousness”
5/5 The Evening Standard

“[White] draws something truly wonderful and wise from such well worn ground”
4/5 MOJO

“Less of an album, more of a grand seduction”
4/5 Q

8/10 Uncut

“…a richly immersive album”
8/10 NME

“The instant you put Fresh Blood on the stereo, your innate knowledge that all “feel good” music post-1974 is bogus gets smashed to smithereens by Matthew E. White”
8/10 VICE

“These feel like classics in their own right”
8.5/10 The Line of Best Fit

“A delicious record”
4/5 The Guardian

“Joyous, amorous and glowing by turns”
4/5 Mail on Sunday

“Matthew E. White does not disappoint”
4/5 The Observer

“White’s aim is always true”
4/5 Metro

“A captivating second album”
4/5 Daily Mirror

“This is the kind of album that harks back to music’s glorious history but does so in a way that remains fresh and compelling”
4/5 DIY

“[White] is an artist who continues to intrigue and delight in equal measure”
4/5 musicOMH

“Fresh Blood is a joyously melodic journey”
Loud & Quiet

“A sublime follow-up”
9/10 ‘Album of the Month’ Future Music

’4/5′ The Times

’4/5′ Daily Express

’4/5′ Record Collector

Having embarked on his first full UK tour earlier this year, modular synth mastermind and DJ-turned-live-performer James Holden has announced a special co-headline show with Polar Bear at Electric Brixton on 15 November.

Holden will be performing with his portable modular set-up alongside Tom Page of Rocketnumbernine, who also performed with Holden on his previous live dates. Tickets are now available to purchase here.

A recent session Holden did for Crack Magazine features his incredible modular/live drums set-up, and can be watched here.

Praise for The Inheritors:

‘The year’s most revealing and intriguing album’
4.5/5 Resident Advisor

The Inheritors builds on his remarkable debut – it’s even more ambitious in scope, grabbing the listener by the throat and refusing to let go’
9/10 The 405

‘If Boards of Canada evoke the beauty and majesty of the rolling countryside, Holden puts you in direct contact with it, forcing you to engage in its uneven terrain and irregular placement.’
8.2 Pitchfork

‘An electronic folk chimera of primordial pagan beats, ancient and timeless yet psychedelically futurist’
8/10 Clash

’17/20′ Crack Magazine

‘Album of the Month’
Data Transmission

‘Album of the Month’
Dazed & Confused

‘A modern pagan ritual of an album which transcends your consciousness, holding you in a dazed state’
8/10 Drowned in Sound

‘Like going on an expedition in the Highlands: when you reach the highest points, it’s breathtaking’
9/10 Dummy

‘Chaotic systems, hypnotic throbs and heart-on-sleeve emotion, all deploying his homemade machine to devastating effect’

‘This is an extremely heady record but it’s always with a light burning somewhere, hypnotising and alive’

‘Melding drones of vintage synthesisers with the fractal beats of modern computer programming’
4/5 Financial Times

‘Holden has created a peerless sonic palette, breathing life into its heritage as much as forging a breathtaking new ideal for a spectrum he holds so dear’
London in Stereo

‘It offers a depth and genuine thrill that, in the context of 2013′s electronic music, with its order, precision and cleanliness is a godsend’
9/10 Loud & Quiet

‘An extraordinary, unique record from one of electronic music’s most vivid minds’
8/10 Mixmag

4/5 Mojo

‘An album that sees him beginning to move beyond an acclaimed producer and DJ into a true composer and electronic visionary.’
4/5 Music OMH

‘So unlike anything else out there he is effectively a sub-genre of one’

The Inheritors is techno music not so much fragmented as smashed into tiny pieces’
The Quietus

‘An impressive, intricate meditation on the weirder corners of electronic music’s history’
4/5 The Skinny

‘4/5’ The Times

‘4.5/5’ The Sun

‘4/5’ Time Out

‘A fiercely original feast of experimental sound’
8/10 Uncut

‘A challenge to producers content to be bound by others’ expectations’
8/10 XLR8R

‘Seven years after his debut album The Idiots Are Winning, the Border Community co-founder returns with a brain-melting work of staggering genius’

Earlier in the year, Caribou shared a video for ‘Can’t Do Without You‘, offering fans a chance to win the creature that starred in it. Now, Dan Snaith offers this update:

Hello everyone,

You may have been wondering what happened to the creature from the ‘Can’t Do Without You’ video.

A couple months ago we ran a contest to find this creature a new home. We received over 500 mails from every corner of the world proposing myriad purposes for it – including an aeronautical engineering student who wanted to attach it to a rocket and fire it into space.

But right from the first time we read it, one proposal in particular grabbed our attention, and after researching the logistics of transporting this gentle giant halfway around the world, we are proud to announce the winner today!

Harry Marshall emailed us on behalf of a group of students at the Welsh School of Architecture, planning to help build a playground on the island of Koh Rong in Cambodia, together with non-profit organisation Friends of Koh Rong.

The Cambodian island of Koh Rong is certainly not the only island that is dealing with the effects of increased tourism but is one such example, where rapid change is presenting the local community with overwhelming challenges.

Friends of Koh Rong was set up in 2013 to help deal with exactly those problems through increasing (the previously limited) access to education, healthcare and increasing the community’s capacity to deal with the strain brought by more tourism:

“Our organisation aims to help in mitigating the negative impacts of the tourism industry, and to enable our beneficiaries to stand in the best possible position to benefit from the changes that have arrived on this island, their home.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.58.58

As tourist infrastructure has encroached on more and more space on the island, there is no place for the school aged children on the island to play. The playground, sitting next to the school set up by Friends of Koh Rong, will provide an area for the children to play and be safe. The creature will provide a centrepiece for the playground.

Harry and his team are raising money to complete this playground right now with construction due to begin towards the end of July – right around the time the multicoloured creature, which is just now being crated up and in preparation for its transpacific journey, will arrive on the island.

Support the construction of the playground here:


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.59.06


Dan / Caribou

Caribou Live Dates

25 Jun Werchter, BE, Rock Werchter

26 Jun Somerset, UK, Glastonbury Festival

27 Jun Paris, FR, Solidays

28 Jun Ljubljana, SK, Flow Festival

29 Jun Vienna, AT, Full Hit of Summer

16 Jul Ostrava, CZ, Colours of Ostrava Festival

17 Jul Suffolk, UK, Latitude Festival

18 Jul Dublin, IE, Longitude Festival

19 Jul Chicago, US, Pitchfork Festival

01 Aug Montreal, CA, Osheaga Festival

12 Aug Oslo, NO, Oya Festival

14 Aug Gothenburg, SE, Way Out West Festival

15 Aug Bochum, DE, Ritournelle at Ruhrtriennale

21 Aug Biddinghuizen, NL, Lowlands Festival

22 Aug Hamburg, DE, Dockville Festival

Watch the video for ‘Bird of Prey’ here: http://www.vevo.com/watch/USSM21500758

Natalie Prass has unveiled a video for ‘Bird of Prey‘.

The clip comes ahead of Natalie’s UK dates, which kick off next week and include sold out shows at London’s Islington Assembly Hall and Manchester’s Deaf Institute.

As well as a string of European festival shows this summer, Natalie will be playing her biggest UK headline show to date in November at London’s KOKO. Tickets for the show are on sale now and are available here.

Tour dates:

Mon 22 Jun Glasgow Mono

Wed 24 Jun London Islington Assembly Hall SOLD OUT

Thu 25 Jun Manchester Deaf Institute SOLD OUT

Thu 26 Jun Bristol The Thekla

Fri 14 Aug Gothenburg Way Out West Festival

Sat 15 Aug Oslo Oya Festival

Sun 16 Aug Helsinki Flow Festival

Fri 21 Aug Hay on Wye Green Man Festival

Tue 01 Sep Leeds Brudenell Social Club

Wed 02 Sep Edinburgh Electric Circus

Thu 03 Sep Brighton The Haunt

Fri 04 Sep Salisbury End of the Road Festival

Mon 30 Nov London KOKO

Praise for Natalie Prass

“The Nashville singer’s debut is a sumptuous country-soul classic”
‘Album of the Month’ 8/10 Uncut

“Her gorgeous debut is already a contender for album of the year”
Evening Standard

“[Natalie Prass] is a record that never feels retro, just timeless”
5/5 The Guardian

5/5 ‘Album of the Week’ The Independent on Sunday

“A modern classic of an album”
‘Album of the Week’ 9/10 The Line of Best Fit

“A heartbreak album that reminds you why such albums are so wonderful and necessary in the first place”
‘Album of the Week’ 4/5 The Observer

4/5 ‘Album of the Week’ The Independent

“Assured, moving and soaked in a lush classicism”
4/5 Q

“Prass’ debut luxuriates in the same effortlessly timeless space as Rumer’s Seasons Of My Soul and I Am Shelby-Lynne
4/5 Mojo

“Prass’ voice – utterly lethal – describes heartache and loss. Stunning”
The Sunday Times

5/5 Daily Express

8/10 NME

4/5 The Times

4/5 Mail on Sunday

“Everything she sings here feels honest and convincing, and, like the best soul music, her songs here transform the personal in to the universal”
4.5/5 musicOMH