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Watch the trailer for ‘Intern’ here:

Anyone reckless enough to have typecast Angel Olsen according to 2014’s Burn Your Fire For No Witness is in for a sizeable surprise with her third album, MY WOMAN – released 2nd September 2016 via Jagjaguwar. Teased last week with the trailer for ‘Intern’, MY WOMAN finds Olsen hard to pigeonhole as either an elliptical outsider or a pop personality – she continues to reign over the land between the two with a haunting obliqueness and sophisticated grace.

On previous releases, Olsen has presented reverb-shrouded poetic swoons, shadowy folk, grunge-pop band workouts and haunting, finger-picked epics. MY WOMAN is an exhilarating complement to her past work, and one for which Olsen recalibrated her writing/recording approach and methods to enter a new music-making phase. The album is put together as a proper A-side and a B-side, featuring the punchier, more pop/rock-oriented songs up front, and the longer, more reflective tracks towards the end. And because these new songs demanded a plurality of voices, Olsen sings in a much broader range of styles – – her disarming, timeless voice is even more front-and-centre than before.

Olsen wrote some songs on a piano, but later switched it out for synth and/or Mellotron (as on the aforementioned ‘Intern’). She worked with producer Justin Raisen (Charli XCXSky FerreiraSantigold) and also opted to record live to tape at LA’s historic Vox Studios, bringing in guest guitarist Seth Kauffman to augment her regular band of bass player Emily Elhaj, drummer Joshua Jaeger and guitarist Stewart Bronaugh.

Given its title, and track names like ‘Sister’ and ‘Woman’, it would be easy to read a gender-specific message into MY WOMAN, but Olsen has never played her lyrical content straight. She says the album isn’t necessarily a feminist manifesto, but it does sometimes deal with themes surrounding “the complicated mess of being a woman.” She continues: “I’m definitely using scenes that I’ve replayed in my head, in the same way that I might write a script and manipulate a memory to get it to fit. But I think it’s important that people can interpret things the way that they want to.”

Angel Olsen’s MY WOMAN is available for pre-order now, via JagjaguwarRough Trade and Amazon. ‘Intern’ is available now on all streaming services (including Spotify). It also comes as an instant download with all iTunes pre-orders. Angel will be playing London’s KOKO on 17th October – tickets are available now.


MY WOMAN tracklist:

1. Intern
2. Never Be Mine
3. Shut Up Kiss Me
4. Give It Up
5. Not Gonna Kill You
6. Heart Shaped Face
7. Sister
8. Those Were The Days
9. Woman
10. Pops