Listen to ‘Bad Ones (Ft. Tegan and Sara) here:

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Following on from late June’s noctambulant ‘Modafinil Blues’, Matthew Dearhas announced his second single of the summer, a collaboration with longtime friends Tegan and Sara. For years his work has suggested a populist impulse buried within, and here, in the presence of pop prestige, Dear’s sweetest side shines through.

Buoyant and blithe, ‘Bad Ones’ presents flirtation as mischief, and honesty as power. Lyrics convey the paralysis of insecurity and, as Sara puts it, “the relief in finding someone who loves the more complicated parts of you.”

The creative relationship between the Quin sisters and Dear began in 2013, when they expressed mutual admiration by email. This led to connecting for a remix project as well as a joint cover of Tears For Fears’ 1983 new wave classic ‘Pale Shelter’. Recently, when settling into new recordings, Dear happened upon a loop that brought the duo to mind. Within a day Tegan and Sara sent back a verse and chorus.

“The process was open and free,” adds Dear, who for the next month evolved the song from demo to fully-fledged composition. “Often times, we need to get out of our own way to let the magic happen, and this song is a bold reminder of that.”

Matthew Dear is a shapeshifter, oscillating seamlessly between DJ, dance-music producer, and experimental pop auteur. He is a founding artist on both Ghostly International and its dancefloor offshoot, Spectral Sound. He writes, produces, and mixes all of his work. He straddles multiple musical worlds and belongs to none, now nearly 20 years into his kaleidoscopic career, with five albums and two dozen EPs plus millions of miles in the rearview of his biography.

Dear kicked off 2017 as a selector, DJing regularly and contributing a deeply considered and personal mix to !K7 Records’ long established DJ-Kicksseries. This was bookended by a number of releases through his techno guise Audion. Prior to ‘Modafinil Blues’, Dear hadn’t shared material under his own name since his 2012 LP, the coloured Beams, which was preceded by the critically acclaimed avant-pop albums Black CityAsa Breed, and Leave Luck To Heaven. The track marked Dear’s return to his artistic id, apart from his other projects’ egos: a momentous, a prodigal shift inward to a dark and playful psyche.

Pre-order ‘Bad Ones (Ft. Tegan and Sara)’ here.

Tickets for Moth Club are available here.




Listen to ‘Pass Through The Fire’ here:

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James Holden has announced his third album recorded together with his newly-expanded band, going under the name James Holden & The Animal SpiritsThe Animal Spirits will be released 3 November via his own Border Community label. This will be the first full length release from Holden since 2013’s critically lauded The Inheritors which saw top-twenty ‘Album of the Year’ mentions from the likes of FACTMOJO and Clash as well as #2 from Loud & Quiet and Resident Advisor’s ‘Album of the Year’. Along with the announcement, the band – consisting of long-time collaborators Tom Page(RocketNumberNine) and Etienne Jaumet as well as Marcus HamblettLiza Bec and Lascelle Gordon – have shared lead single ‘Pass Through The Fire’.

Let yourself be transported to a magical other world of instinct and intuition with this bold new set of synth-led folk-trance standards from electronics guru James Holden and his newly-expanded band of fellow travellers The Animal Spirits. A wild ride that unites the characteristic propulsive melodic vigour of his custom-made modular synthesizer system with an unlikely supporting cast of brass, wind and live percussion, the expansive and transformative psychedelic journey of The Animal Spirits is certainly eternal outsider Holden’s most ambitious work to date – but surely also his most direct and accessible.

Since the release of 2013’s epic pagan saga The Inheritors, the kraut-tinged synth-and-drum core of the live touring outfit assembled by Holden to spread his alternative electronic message around the world has picked up several additional members along the way. Legendary jazz band leaders Don Cherryand Pharoah Sanders provided the blueprint for this quest to assemble “something like a spiritual jazz band playing folk / trance music”, but here cornet (Marcus Hamblett) and saxophone (Etienne Jaumet) function as the complement to the star soloist of Holden’s ever-strident synth. Meanwhile drummer Tom Page is inextricably bound to Holden’s synth care of self-coded interactive drummer-following software, keeping pace with the almost imperceptible – yet unmistakably human – micro-errors in timing which lend live drums their natural magical groove. Thus Holden’s drummer is liberated from the brutal tyranny of the click track and a new organic symbiotic relationship between human and machine is unlocked. Producer Holden’s creative control over the project is absolute, from building his own synth and software, writing the musical backbone and steering his players, to self-recording, self-mixing and eventually also self-releasing the finished collection on his own imprint.

This heady blend of the electronic and the acoustic came into being during the hot and sticky summer of 2016 under the direction of fledgling band leader Holden at his Sacred Walls studio in London. In a bid to capture what he calls the unfakeable “psychic communication” of a group performance, The Animal Spirits was recorded live in one room together in single takes, no overdubs, no edits, in accordance with his own self-imposed dogma.

What has emerged out of these sessions is a genre-blending new form of universal music that feels inherently fluid and alive. Just one example of the record’s wide-ranging influences, the relentless, elastic and hypnotic polyrhythms of ‘Pass Through The Fire’ grew out of Holden’s 2014 trip to Morocco to work with legend of Gnawa music Maalem Mahmoud Guinia. The first song he wrote for the band, ‘Pass Through The Fire’ took shape over months of pre-show dressing room practice, as Holden set about transmitting the distinctive Gnawa rhythm to drummer Page. It soon made its way into the pair’s live shows, adding Jaumet’s on-the-hop improvised sax contributions further down the line. Holden says, “This was where I got the idea that songs are just backbones or seeds and the strong ones teach/reveal themselves to the players rather than the other way round.”

Born out of of the sheer unbridled joy of live performance, Holden’s third artist album The Animal Spirits is the momentous culmination of a radical transformation, as the former trailblazer of the early noughties computer music revolution is dramatically reborn as live musician and band leader. In embracing his new found knowledge of Morocco’s Gnawa trance tradition and repackaging the brash tones of pure trance into the accommodating spiritual jazz band format, The Animal Spirits can even be viewed as a kind of coming to terms with Holden’s early trance past, only now his focus is on the parallel evolutions of folk traditions the world over and their hypnotic effects on the brain, rather than the narrow formulaic European musical genre. This one-time international DJ has now officially hung up his headphones to turn his attention to setting a new standard for interconnected live electronic performance, as he gears up to take his new five-piece musical collective out on the road this autumn. And now we are through the looking glass into a new realm of inherently organic live electronic musical performance, there can be no going back to the prison of the rigid world of computer beats.




“Extraordinary experimentation that burns bright against the stark vocals of frontwoman [Nicole] Miglis”
The Line of Best Fit

“Hundred Waters remind us just how brilliant they can be”
The 405

“Undulating, ever-evolving pop”

Watch the video for ‘Fingers’ here:

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LA-based trio Hundred Waters – comprised of vocalist Nicole Miglis, producer Trayer Tryon and drummer Zach Tetreault – recently announced their long awaited new full length, Communicating, will be released on 14 September via !K7. Along with the announcement the band shared ‘Blanket Me‘ to widespread acclaim including a Pitchfork ‘Best New Track’, today they have followed up with a new track and video for ‘Fingers’. The hushed tones and raw emotional prowess of the song catches a fitting visual treatment from director Allie Avital in which the vulnerability of Miglis’s lyrics manifest as a small army of over 12,000 live insects that crawl around and on top of her.

Along with the video, Hundred Waters have announced a European tour including a date at London‘s Village Underground as well as additional US dates alongside Kelsey Lu and Lafawndah. This news comes along with more details about Communicating, including album art, track listing, pre-order info, and details about the physical editions of the album, which comprise a CD version, a single LP version, and a special “sequined” 2xLP edition that includes the recently issued Currency EP. Pre-orders are now available from the band’s new webstore, which can be found via their website

Communicating is a grand and ambitious album with an increased focus on composition that energises more than ever before. At the same time it’s more confidently experimental, unafraid to spike its pop hooks with noise, or build elaborate, fractal-like patterns out of Miglis’s multitracked voice. The album follows the release of their recent Currency EP as well as the continuing success of FORM Arcosanti, the festival they founded themselves and curate (headliners this year included James BlakeSolangeFather John Misty and Future Islands). “From a broad lens,” Miglis says, “the album is a breakup. It starts with a need for independence and it ends with an ‘all better,’ like we did it: we learned, we loved, we separated, and now it’s time for the next chapter.”

UK/European tour dates:

10 Oct – Manchester @ Deaf Institute – TICKETS
24 Oct – London @ Village Underground – TICKETS
26 Oct – Brighton @ The Haunt – TICKETS

27 Oct – Brussels, BE Autumn Falls @ Botanique
28 Oct – Namur, BE Autumn Falls @ Beautes Soniques
30 Oct – Amsterdam, NE @ Paradiso
1 Nov – Paris, FR Pitchfork Avant Garde @ Badaboum
3 Nov – Zurich, CH @ Rote Fabrik
4 Nov – Lugano, CH @ Studio Foce
5 Nov – Luzern, CH @ Sederl
8 Nov – Hamburg, DE @ Haekken

Communicating tracklist:

1. Particle
2. Wave To Anchor
3. Prison Guard
4. Parade
5. At Home and In My Head
6. Firelight
7. Re
8. Fingers
9. Communicating
10. Blanket Me
11. Better



Listen to ‘Anthropocene’ here:

Twenty-five-year-old, Indiana-born artist Peter Oren has announced his second album, Anthropocene, will be arriving 10 November via Western Vinyl. Along with the announcement Oran has shared the first single and title-track.

Oren possesses a remarkable singing voice, low and deep and richly textured. It rumbles in your conscience, a righteous sound that marks him as an artist for our tumultuous times, when sanity seems absent from popular discussions. One listen to ‘Anthropocene’ is enough to show that Oren’s strength lies not only in his conviction in the content of his music nor in the power of his vocal but in the way the arrangement of his music marks an artist way beyond his years. Lush, orchestral instrumentation and grand, rich structure coupled with that unique voice positions Oren perfectly to confront a topic as large and as ominous as the Anthropocene Age.

That term is relatively new, reportedly coined in the 1960s but popularised only in the new century to designate a new era in the earth’s history, when man has exerted a permanent—and, many would argue, an incredibly deleterious—change in the environment. This is a massive and daunting subject for a lone artist to address, let alone a young musician making his second full-length record. But Oren has the skills to put it all into perspective. The songs on Anthropocene are direct and poetic, outraged and measured.

Art and activism are inseparable on these ten songs, each bolstering the other. “There’s no separating art from reality,” says Oren. “The reality is that our politics are guided by our emotions, and music has the capacity to demonstrate those emotions, at least on an individual level. And if you can talk to someone on an individual level, you might be able to have a more useful conversation than if you’re talking to a roomful of people.”

As well as support slots for Elvis PerkinsMargaret GlaspyAA BondyMarlon Williams and Joe Pug; Oren soon attracted the attention of Ken Coomer, the former drummer for Wilco and a producer in Nashville. Together, the duo assembled a backing band featuring some of the city’s finest session musicians, including keyboard player Michael Webb, singer Maureen Murphy, and guitarists Sam Wilson and Laur Jaomets (Sturgill Simpson). On Anthropocene they provide stately backing for Oren’s songs, with drips of pedal steel and quivers of strings subtly reinforcing his observations about the state of the world.

Anthropocene might be merely didactic and oppressive—a giant bummer of an album—if those rallying cries weren’t tempered with something like hope. It celebrates labour, individual and collective, as the most effective tool for lasting change, and that vision of communal responsibility is what makes the album such a rousing call to arms.

“Music is a sympathetic process, where people who feel the same can experience it together. I don’t know if my songs would change somebody’s mind, but they might help people feel a little bit less alone in their opinions and might encourage them to get involved in some way. Nobody’s going to riot when the album hits the street, but maybe it can in some small way help turn the tables.”

Antropocene tracklist:

1. Burden Of Proof
2. Anthropocene
3. Falling Water
4. Chain Of Command
5. Throw Down
6. Canary In A Coal Mine
7. New Gardens
8. Pictures From Spain
9. River And Stone
10. Welcome Goodbye



Watch Echo Mountain Sessions in full here:

Or listen via Spotify here:

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In April 2017 Sylvan Esso assembled a live band comprised of their close friends and collaborators – members of Mountain ManWye OakThe Dead TonguesThe Mountain Goats and Megafaun – to arrange and record full-band versions of songs from their new album What Now. The band took this experiment to Echo Mountain Studios, located in the mountains of North Carolina, and cut five songs live in one day. The result, the Echo Mountain Sessions visual EP, is a testament to the New York Times’ declaration that “Sylvan Esso keeps electronic pop human”. These bold re-imaginations from the band’s celebrated second album, What Now, highlight Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn’s songwriting craft and the boundlessly talented North Carolina musical community from which they hail. Never ones to rest, Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn continue to push themselves and expand on what Sylvan Esso can be. The Echo Mountain Sessions visual EP is out today, the band has also launched pre-orders for a limited edition vinyl release of the sessions available exclusively at

What Now was released in April to widespread to critical acclaim. This includes high profile features running from the likes of The New York TimesThe Line of Best Fit and The Independent as well as glowing reviews and widespread radio play from the likes of Radio 1, multiple weeks on the 6 Music playlist and a recent session with Lauren LaverneWhat Now has already amassed 40 million streams globally, currently averaging 1 million streams per week + 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. The album debuted at #3 on the alternative charts, positioning it well within the US Billboard Top 200. What Now has racked up 60,000 albums sold worldwide thus far.

Sylvan Esso’s electric live shows, described by Evening Standard (★★★★) as “simply too good to ignore”, continue to sell out and they are gearing up for a UK tour in November including a performance at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire

Echo Mountain Sessions personnel:

Matt Douglas – saxophone, flute
Ryan Gustafson – guitar
Amelia Meath – vocals
Nick Sanborn – bass, keys
Molly Sarle – vocals
Alexandra Sauser-Monnig – vocals
Jenn Wasner – bass, keys
Joe Westerlund – drums

Purchase What Now on CD and Vinyl here and digitally here.

UK tour dates:

6 Nov – Birmingham @ O2 Institute2
7 Nov – Bristol @ Trinity
8 Nov – London @ O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
11 Nov – Manchester @ Gorilla SOLD OUT
12 Nov – Glasgow @ Art School
13 Nov – Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club

Praise for What Now:

“An album that revels in the escapism and catharsis music can bring”
The Line of Best Fit 8/10 ‘Album of the Week’

“This album deserves your attention and is a perfect example of a group accomplishing and exceeding their full potential”
8/10 Clash

“North Carolina duo shine with spellbinding second effort”
8/10 Uncut

“Purposeful pop bangers”
4/5 Observer

What Now is often stunning”
4/5 DORK

“Electropop doesn’t get more sublime than this”
NME ‘Best New Tracks’

“Amelia Meath’s voice has an unrivalled capacity for communicating and commanding emotion”
London in Stereo

“We strongly advise you reach through the static and bathe yourself in the warm pop-flooded waters of Sylvan Esso’s latest”
The Skinny

“For those that aren’t aware of the talent of incredible duo Sylvan Esso, comprised of Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn, you will be now”
The 405

“Understated yet irresistible”




Watch ‘Haze’ here:

“Extraordinary beauty”
Sunday Times ‘Breaking Act’

“An assured stride into what’s sure to be a gleaming future”
The Line of Best Fit ‘Song of the Day’

“[A] quietly bewitching collection of sweetly skewed pop-folk”

“The sublime sound of a musician who’s spent ten years perfecting his craft”

“De Augustine’s whispering voice and distinctive falsetto constantly feels on the verge to break, but its emotional charge stays full and strong”

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24-year-old Californian Angelo De Augustine signed to Sufjan Steven’s Asthmatic Kitty label for his second album Swim Inside The Moon, which will be released on 18 August (US – 25 August). Along with the album announcement he shared ‘Crazy, Stoned, & Gone’ which garnered widespread praise including features from the likes of The Sunday Times and Uncut as well as radio play from 6Music‘s Lauren Laverne and Radio 1‘s Huw Stephens. Today he has shared the intricate and subtly bewitching ‘Haze’ along with the news that, following on from his support slot on Sufjan StevensNico MuhlyBryce Dessner & James McAlister‘s recent Planetarium tour, he’ll be heading out on a European tour in November with dates including Pitchfork Paris Avant-Garde and a debut London show at St Pancras Old Church. Full dates below.

The video for ‘Haze’ was animated by Matt Czap and conceptualised by Angelo De Augustine, whose original illustrations are the basis of the video. Intro sound effects also created by De Augustine.

Angelo’s setup for Swim Inside The Moon was simple: a Shure SM57 microphone next to the wall of the shower and a cable back to an analogue reel-to-reel in his nearby bedroom. He’d hit record, then run quickly to the bathroom with his guitar and sit on the edge of the tub and play and sing. For some songs, he played his mother’s 100-year-old piano in the living room, and on others he added synth and electric guitar. He kept it simple.

Swim Inside the Moon is an assured and magical collection of songs that will reach far beyond their humble origins. It contains much the same unexpected warmth and simplicity as Joanna Newsom’s The Milk Eyed Mender and Jose Gonzalez’ Veneer. A sound that took almost half his life to discover, found on his own terms; be it hitting the road to play shows, to the point of losing his voice, or the countless times he’d hit play on a recovered reel-to-reel tape machine only to have to restart the next day.

The meaning behind Angelo’s songs comes from a similarly dreamy, magical place, “I get into this place, and then I wake up with a song instead of a dream,” says Angelo, “Maybe I’ll know what it’s about later. Or maybe I knew, and I’ve forgotten.”

UK tour dates:

9 Nov – Leeds @ The Lending Room
10 Nov – Glasgow @ Broadcast
11 Nov – Dublin @ The Grand Social
13 Nov – Manchester @ The Castle Hotel
15 Nov – London @ St Pancras Old Church

International tour dates:

12 Oct – Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater
15 Oct – San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord
17 Oct – Washington, DC @ Songbyrd
18 Oct – Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Upstrairs
19 Oct – New York, NY @ Rockwood – Stage 2
1 Nov – Paris, FR @ Pitchfork Paris Avant-Garde
2 Nov – Cologne, DE @ Theater der Wohngemeinschaft
3 Nov – Den Haag, NL @ Crossing Border Festival
4 Nov – Rees-Haldern, DE @ Haldern Pop Bar
5 Nov – Maastrict, NL @ Lumiere
6 Nov – Berlin, DE @ Baumhausbar
7 Nov – Brussels, BE @ Botanique / Rotonde



“An album heralding a talent as intriguingly fully-formed and distinctive, in its own way, as Marling, Mitchell and Bush”
5/5 The Independent

“One of the most charming albums of the year”
4/5 The Guardian

“Her take on vintage folk pop and orchestral country soul is compellingly particular”
8/10 Uncut

Tickets are available here for her The Islington headline show:

Listen to the previously shared ‘Solitary Daughter’ here:

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Last month Bedouine released her self-titled debut album via Spacebomb Records. Following the subsequent announcement of her first ever London show at London’s The Islington on Monday 9 Oct 2017 the singer and guitarist has today announced a string of tour dates later this year including support slots in the UK with Michael Kiwanuka and Matthew E. White as well as Fleet Foxes in the US next month.

Bedouine‘s release saw widespread praise including a 5/5 The Independentalbum review and features everywhere from Uncut and the Sunday Times to The FADER and Stereogum.

Bedouine has a story to match the name. Azniv Korkejian, born in Aleppo, Syria to Armenian parents, spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, moving to America when her family won a Green Card lottery. Living at various times in Boston, Houston, Lexington, Austin, and Savannah, she eventually found a community of musicians in Los Angeles that feels like home. One day she walked into the studio of bass player / producer Gus Seyffert (BeckNorah JonesThe Black Keys) to inquire about portable reel-to-reel tape machines and ended up cutting ‘Solitary Daughter’ in a first take.

Eschewing notions of nomadic chic, Bedouine represents minimalism motivated by travel, paring down and paring down until only the essential remains. Her music establishes a sustained and complete mood, reflecting on the unending reverberations of displacement, unafraid to take pleasure along the way.

Purchase Bedouine here.

Tour Dates:

6 Oct – London @ Spacebomb Revue – Barbican Centre
9 Oct – London @ The Islington (Headline show)
16 Oct – Birmingham @ Symphony Hall #
17 Oct – Manchester @ The Lowry #
18 Oct – Perth @ Concert Hall #
20 Oct – York @ Barbican # SOLD OUT
21 Oct – Liverpool @ Philharmonic Hall #
23 Oct – Exeter @ Great Hall #
24 Oct – Brighton @ The Dome # SOLD OUT
25 Oct – London @ London Palladium #
27 Oct – Falmouth @ Arts Centre +
28 Oct – Southampton @ Joiners +
29 Oct – Bath @ Komedia +
30 Oct – Ramsgate @ Music Hall +
31 Oct – Brighton @ The Haunt +
1 Nov – Oxford @ Bullingdon Arms +
2 Nov – Dún Laoghaire @ Pavilion Theatre +
3 Nov – Galway @ Roisin Dubh +
4 Nov – Limerick @ Dolans Upstairs +
5 Nov – Cork @ Cyprus Avenue +
8 Nov – Dublin @ Grand Social

# w/ Michael Kiwanuka
+ w/ Matthew E. White

Praise for Bedouine

“An album heralding a talent as intriguingly fully-formed and distinctive, in its own way, as Marling, Mitchell and Bush”
5/5 The Independent

“One of the most charming albums of the year”
4/5 The Guardian

“Her take on vintage folk pop and orchestral country soul is compellingly particular”
8/10 Uncut

“It’s the insular intimacy of Korkejian’s songs, like zephyrs whispered into your ear, that make this debut such a triumph”
4/5 Mojo

“Elegant, honeyed country-soul”
4/5 Observer

“Lushly orchestrated, literary ballads”
4/5 Evening Standard

“Her debut luxuriates in splendid isolation”
4/5 Record Collector

“A real find”
Sunday Times ‘Breaking Act’

The Line of Best Fit ‘Song of the Day’

“Lush, timeless southern country and dense mid-western Americana”
The 405

“Charming debut”

“[Bedouine]’s ambiguous, fascinating tales are ones that it’s impossible not to follow into the distance”

“The finest and most relevant debut of the year”




Listen to ‘Holiday Destination’ here:

Rough Trade tickets are available here:

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Nadine Shah has shared the title track from her new album Holiday Destination (released 25 August) – a triumphant unification of a political message with an infectiously driving groove. The first song written for the album, ‘Holiday Destination’ led the way for Nadine to open up the deep and affecting dialogue which courses through the LP with polemical anger. She’s also announced that she’ll be playing an in-store at Rough Trade on the release date of the album.

Dealing with the subject of migration Shah cites the inspiration for the track as, “a response to this really harrowing news piece about migrants and refugees arriving on the shores of Kos in Greece by the thousands. There were some holidaymakers being interviewed and they were talking about how the situation was ruining their holiday. Despite their total and complete lack of empathy the thing which shocked me most was their bold and unashamed stance of saying such things on national television. This is what we’re seeing across the globe: people proudly expressing this hate fuelled rhetoric. It’s like, wow – some people really don’t care and they’ll happily talk about how they don’t care. I just don’t get it.”

The refrain “How you gonna sleep tonight?” echoes in the mind long after the song ends, leaving the listener to question exactly just who’s best interests are at the heart of the people in power.

The track follows on from the previously shared ‘Yes Men’ and ‘Out The Way’ – a terrific, biting and scathing lead single that received widespread praise including four weeks on the 6Music A-List.

Watch the video for the previously shared ‘Out The Way:

Tour dates:

16 Jul – London @ Citadel
25 Aug – London @ Rough Trade
01-03 Sep – Salisbury @ End of the Road
17 Sep – Birmingham @ Beyond The Tracks
10 Oct – Gateshead @ Sage Gateshead
11 Oct – Glasgow @ Oran Mor
13 Oct – Leeds @ Brudendell Social Club
14 Oct – Sheffield @ The Leadmill
15 Oct – Cardiff @ The Globe
16 Oct – Manchester @ Band On The Wall
19 Oct – London @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
22 Oct – Brighton @ Concorde 2




“Extraordinary experimentation that burns bright against the stark vocals of frontwoman [Nicole] Miglis”
Best Fit

“Hundred Waters remind us just how brilliant they can be”
The 405

“Undulating, ever-evolving pop”

Listen to ‘Blanket Me’ here:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

LA-based trio Hundred Waters – comprised of vocalist Nicole Miglis, producer Trayer Tryon and drummer Zach Tetreault – have announced their long awaited new full length, Communicating, will be released on 14 September via !K7. Along with the announcement the band have shared new single ‘Blanket Me’, a stirring piece of piano-driven catharsis that demonstrates the leap in songwriting and performance the band has undergone in the three years since 2014’s critically lauded The Moon Rang Like a Bell.

Communicating is a grand and ambitious album with an increased focus on composition that energises more than ever before. At the same time it’s more confidently experimental, unafraid to spike its pop hooks with noise, or build elaborate, fractal-like patterns out of Miglis’s multitracked voice. The album follows the release of their recent Currency EP as well as the continuing success of FORM Arcosanti, the festival they founded themselves and curate (headliners this year included James BlakeSolangeFather John Misty and Future Islands).

In the span between albums the band have travelled, separated, reunited, lost a band member, questioned relationships and strove to understand what it means to be together. At the core of the album is the relationship between Nicole and Tray, which catalysed the band in 2012. The album raises questions of romantic and non-romantic love, self-realisation, growing apart, and finding understanding. To keep it close, the album was written and recorded largely at home (the trio have maintained a shared living space over the years, moving between different homes in Los Angeles). Nicole chose to cut herself off from the outside world and recorded herself in her closet. Tray produced at the kitchen table or wherever he could make room. When they needed extra space, they set up outside the walls for a bit (drums and piano were recorded in a converted Detroit church).

Where Communicating ultimately succeeds is on the most personal, intimate level. It’s an album steeped in intense emotion at every turn, from the melodies to the rhythms to Miglis’s dramatic vocal delivery. “From a broad lens,” Miglis says, “the album is a breakup. It starts with a need for independence and it ends with an ‘all better,’ like ‘we did it’: we learned, we loved, we separated, and now it’s time for the next chapter.”

The band heads out on a US tour this Autumn; three weeks of dates across the length of the country supported at various points by Kelsey Lu and Lafawndah

Listen to the Currency EP and read an interview with the band via NPR here:




Listen to ‘Hey Drum’ here:

Pre-order FABRICLIVE 93:

Daphni (aka Caribou, aka Dan Snaith) recently announced a very special FABRICLIVE mix composed of 23 original, unreleased Daphni tracks and four new Daphni edits. Following on from the previously shared opening track ‘Face To Face’ and the long awaited ‘Tin’, Daphni has now shared another track taken from the mix in the form of ‘Hey Drum’.

‘Hey Drum’ is a crushing slice of sub-bass fuelled minimalism. Complete with the insistent ‘Hey Drum’ mantra and oversized rave stabs, it has been shuddering sound systems in small clubs and festival stages alike in Daphni’s (and his cohorts’) DJ sets for the last couple of months.

Daphni will be playing a special 5-hour set at fabric on the night of the launch with the special guests below.

Listen to the previously shared ‘Face To Face’ and ‘Tin’ below:

Face To Face:


1. Daphni – Face to Face
2. Daphni – Xing Tian
3. Daphni – Carry On
4. Jamire Williams – FUTURISM (Daphni Edit)
5. Daphni – Poly
6. Daphni – Ten Thousand
7. Daphni – Medellin
8. Daphni – Hey Drum
9. Luther Davis Group – You Can Be A Star (Daphni Edit)
10. Daphni – Try
11. Daphni – Vikram
12. Pheeroan Ak Laff – 3 In 1 (Daphni Edit)
13. Daphni – Listen Up
14. Daphni – Tin
15. Daphni – Moshi
16. Daphni – Strange Bird
17. Container – Dissolve (Daphni Edit)
18. Daphni – Joli Mai
19. Daphni – Nocturne
20. Daphni – So It Seems
21. Daphni – Screaming Man Baby
22. Daphni – vs
23. Daphni – The Truth
24. Daphni – 406.42 ppm
25. Daphni – Always There
26. Daphni – Fly Away
27. Daphni – Life’s What You Make It

Praise for JIAOLONG:

“Snaith’s upward trajectory shows little evidence of slowing”
4/5 ‘Electronica Album of the Month’ Mojo

JIAOLONG is one of the year’s most consistently compelling LPs”
4/5 Resident Advisor

JIAOLONG’ is an outstanding venture with quirks and a musicality of its own”
9/10 DJ

“Collection of tracks that just won’t quit, those dark corners just got very interesting indeed”
9/10 Loud & Quiet

JIAOLONG is the sound of a producer having the time of his life”
8/10 NME

“He’s built something very new and very wonderful”
8/10 Mixmag

JIAOLONG’s gorgeous collection is the work of a producer at the top of his game”

“A fantastic listen, all purposeful experimentation and body-smashing 4/4 rhythms”

“Some of the most acclaimed underground dance tracks of recent times”
The Guardian

“An excellent new album”
Time Out

“A sublime album of transcendent dance music and analogue techno”
The Times

“Albums of the Month”

“’Yes, I Know’ is one of the year’s finest tracks”

“Year highlight record, totally”

“It’s a shaken-up spray-can of a record that refuses to sit still for a second”
Drowned in Sound