Jana Horn shares new single ‘The Dream’

Jana Horn shares new single ‘The Dream’



“Jana’s album is one of quiet strength and linguistic ingenuity. The conversational relationship between what’s being said, and how, had me rapt for the entirety of the record. It’s one of the best ‘singer-songwriter’ – whatever that means – albums in years”
Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes)

Music of arresting delicacy; her songs take shape like intricately woven spider webs”
The New York Times

“‘Experience has taken me into her arms like a mother of my own making,’ [Horn] sings, sounding for all the world like the short-story character who arrives, at the very end, to deliver the blinding flash of insight”

“A nuanced portrait of memory, loss, and forgiveness”

“While richer than its predecessor, The Window Is The Dream retains the same sonic economy”

“A spartan piece of Americana-tinged songwriting that seems to cut right down to the bare nerves”

“Recollections arrive partially hidden, this sense of mystery and obfuscation merely magnified by the subtlety of the accompanying cello arrangement. Wonderful”
God Is In The TV

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Today, Jana Horn returns with her new single ‘The Dream’ from her forthcoming album The Window Is The Dream, out 7 April on No Quarter. ‘The Dream’ follows lead single ‘After All This Time‘ which was widely praised and a 4-page Uncut feature followed in the latest issue – where Fleet Foxes‘ Robin Pecknold praised her as above. “The last thing I want in this breath of existence”, Jana intones atop layers of peculiar rhythms, “is not to throw myself into it // as any bird might stop flying // when the window is the dream”.

Speaking of the track Jana says:
“‘The Dream’ is a song I wrote in the stir of waking, about midway through the process of writing this album, and it felt that way, that this song was central, maybe a sample of the whole— ‘a tiny piece of mirror (is always the whole mirror),’ Clarice Lispector says— its recurring lines which depict the image of a bird hitting a window, though not out of oblivion, but because the bird knows something we don’t.”

The Window Is The Dream is a Rothko-esque colour field set to music, venturing even deeper into Horn’s inner space than her stark, acclaimed 2021 debut Optimism. Emerging from a period of reflection while Horn was deeply engaged in creative writing studies, The Window Is The Dream is an entry into a world very much Horn’s own. The words and music only serve to showcase the inviting gaps in-between, and the magic lies in feeling the space, in waiting to see what comes next. “There’s this wonderful mystical quality about writing”, Horn says. “It’s always a surprise and a joy to uncover something that maybe was waiting to be unwrapped”.

When recording The Window Is The Dream at longtime friend Jared Samuel Elioseff’s Pale Moon Sessions studio in Cambridge, New York, Horn’s touchstones spanned the electro-primitivism of the Silver Apples, austere rhythm kings This Heat, and The Raincoat’s time-bending Odyshape. Additional recording took place with Craig Ross at Austin, Texas’ Studio 4, where Horn was able to tap collaborators from her days in the Austin music scene. Sometime Bill Callahan drummer Adam Jones, vibraphonist Sarah La Puerta Gautier, and experimental guitarist Jonathan Horne added stylish detail to recording and unique creativity to downtime. “They were making the studio at the time, so I was part of the process”, says Horn. “I would be tiling the bathroom floor with Sarah during the breaks, or helping Adam install the toilets”.

The lyrics on The Window Is The Dream contain plenty of Horn’s personal detritus, but reach toward something intangible, universal. It’s not always obvious what is happening, but as Horn clarifies, “I hope that I’m presenting things in such a way that’s not ambiguous, but abstracted, so that you enter in. Some people describe my lyrics as being not specific enough but I’m not interested in presenting a diary. I’d like you to feel your way through it”.

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The Window Is The Dream tracklist:

1. Leaving Him
2. After All This Time
3. Days Go By
4. The Dream
5. Love In Return
6. Old Friend
7. Song For Eve
8. In Between
9. Energy Go
10. The Way It Is

Praise for Optimism:

“Horn’s debut album is a skeletal marvel”
The Guardian

“With the boiled-down quality of a good short story collection, [Optimism] is cryptic, bewildering and daringly simple”

“Deceptively gentle songs […] they unfold like melodic dreams”
4/5 Mojo

“Made for uncertain times… funny, clever and elegant”
8/10 Uncut