Lambchop share video for new single ‘So There’

Lambchop share video for new single ‘So There’



“Pairing the gospel vocals of their classic ‘Up With People’ with the ambient electronics of their recent albums, this stunning futurist jazz ballad is like nothing else right now”
The Guardian

“Kurt Wagner keeps wading further out…all held together by a deep sense of wonder and humility”

Watch the video for ‘So There’ here:

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Today Kurt Wagner shares ‘So There’, the second single from Lambchop’s next album, The Bible, due September 30 on City Slang (Merge Records in North America). It arrives with a computer-generated video directed by Isaac Gale, who also handled the striking visuals for previously shared lead single ‘Police Dog Blues‘ which has amassed nearly 100K views to date. The new track comes alongside news of Lambchop’s first shows since 2019 taking place in the US.

Speaking of the track Wagner says:
“‘So There’, in my head, addresses the idea of showing up, being there for your friends and for things that we believe to be right and true. But also wondering if that alone will ever be enough. I was reflecting on this during the time I was immersed in the scorching Minneapolis summer of 2021. Stuck in traffic staring at a Grateful Dead bumper sticker, parked daily under a highway billboard sign with ‘Cloudy Forever’ sprayed on its pole. Flies in the vehicle, an underlying sense of dread on the streets, waiting for the sun to burn away the morning’s haze.”

For the video, Gale was inspired by the movie Total Recall for which he found out that the x-ray scene was the first instance of a motion capture suit and CGI being used together (though it didn’t really work and they had to finish the scene using hand rotoscoping). “I kind of feel like that’s what this video is” he says, “our first idea fell through because we couldn’t get the motion capture suit to work (yet!). Sometimes the best way to learn a new software is to first learn how to break it. So, we decided to see what would happen if we simply flew a camera through Kurt’s head to see what goes on in there.”

For the first time since 2019, Lambchop will debut songs from The Bible and last year’s Showtunes at two special performances on September 23 & 24 in Minneapolis, kicking off the Walker Art Center’s 2022–23 season. Co-presented with Liquid Music, these performances feature a 16-piece ensemble that includes local and national heavyweights Andrew Broder (Fog), CJ Camerieri (Bon Iver, Carm), Blake Morgan (VOCES8), Cole Davis, and Bryan Nichols. Swirling together everything from turntables to grand piano to horns to a choir, this new work exemplifies the driving ethos of this unclassifiable band.

Wagner hosted a recent episode of Bandcamp Weekly, DJing from his backyard and playing cuts from Swamp Dogg, Soul Glo, Dijon, and others as well as his own projects HeCTA and KORT.

Pre-order The Bible here:

Photo credit: Mickie WintersHigh-res images and album artwork can be found here
The Bible tracklist:

1. His Song Is Sung
2. Little Black Boxes
3. Daisy
4. Whatever Mortal
5. A Major Minor Drag
6. Police Dog Blues
7. Dylan At The Mouse Trap
8. Every Child Begins The World Again
9. So There
10. That’s Music