Loma share video for new single ‘Affinity’

Loma share video for new single ‘Affinity’



“A masterclass in atmospherics”
4/5 Mojo

“Attains new heights of intoxication”
8/10 Uncut

Watch the video for ‘Affinity’ here:

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On 28 June, Loma (Emily CrossDan DuszynskiJonathan Meiburg) will release their third album How Will I Live Without a Body? via Sub Pop. It’s eleven tracks feature the highlights ‘How It Starts‘, ‘Pink Sky‘, and today’s offering, the hypnotic video for ‘Affinity’, directed by Allison Beondé.

Beondé says of the video:
In creating the video for ‘Affinity,’ I wanted to collect quiet moments that explore the experience of inhabiting a body, existing both collectively and simultaneously alone. Capturing people in public spaces embodying their own experience, their own world, while surrounded by others, the song is carried on a rolling rhythm reminiscent of waves—a soft and mysterious ebbing and flowing of time marked by something so elemental to our existence and uniquely capable of eliciting reflection on what it means to be alive.”

How Will I Live Without a Body? was produced and recorded by Loma in England, Texas, and Germany, mixed by Dan Duszynski, mastered by Steve Fallone, and mixed for Dolby Atmos by Steven Wilson. All songs were composed by the group—with a few nudges from a unique AI (see below).

How Will I Live Without a Body? is a gorgeous, unique, and oddly comforting album about partnership, loss, regeneration, and fighting the feeling that we’re all in this alone. Many of its songs have a feeling of restless motion; faceless characters drift through meetings and partings, tangling together and slipping away.Throughout, the core of Loma’s sound remains intact: earthy, organic and deeply human, anchored by Cross’s cool, clear voice.

Loma’s previous album, Don’t Shy Away, was galvanised by the encouragement of Brian Eno. This time, they were inspired by another hero, Laurie Anderson, who offered a chance to work with an AI trained on her work. Meiburg sent it a series of photos; Anderson’s AI responded with two haunting poems. “We used fragments of these poems in ‘How It Starts’ and ‘Affinity’,” he says. “And then Dan noticed that one of AI-Laurie’s lines, ‘How will I live without a body?’ would be a perfect name for the album, since we nearly lost sight of each other in the recording process.”

How Will I Live Without a Body? is available to preorder on CD/LP/digitally worldwide from Sub Pop. In the UK and Europe, LP preorders through Sub Pop’s new Mega Mart 2, and UK/EU Independent retailers will receive the Loser edition on Neon Orange Vinyl.

High-res images can be found here

Praise for How Will I Live Without a Body?

:“A masterclass in atmospherics”
4/5 Mojo

“Attains new heights of intoxication”
8/10 Uncut

“A beautiful return, it inaugurates a fresh chapter with tremendous guile”

“We can find succour through listening to music this emotive, this beautiful”
God Is In The TV ‘Tracks of the Week’

“From a woven coffin to a stunning rebirth, Loma are back and on this evidence might just be even more vital than ever”
For The Rabbits