Planningtorock new single & plays Meltdown

Planningtorock new single & plays Meltdown

Planningtorock has announced a brand new 12” single ‘Patriarchy Over & Out’ on her brand new ‘Human Level’ record label via DFA.

It can be heard here and the b-side introduces new artist rRoxymore.

This also acts as a lovely precursor to her Meltdown performance alongside Light Asylum on 1 August

Artist: Planningtorock
Title: ‘Patriarchy Over & Out’ single
Release Date: 30 July 2012
Label: Human Level/DFA
Format: 12”
Website: |

Praise for W album:
“Planningtorock is very much her own – brilliant – woman” Time Out
“Album of the Month” 10/10 Vice
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“W is just amazing” 4.5/5 The Fly
“…a masterpiece of art-pop experimentalism that gleefully expands on her debut” 8/10 NME
“An enthralling listen from a compelling artist prepared to push the unorthodox” 8/10 Clash
“Just call her Bolton’s answer to Grace Jones” The Guardian
“Trust DFA to sign another fearsomely original talent” 4/5 The Sun
“W is a substantial achievement, conceived with care and executed boldly” 4/5 FT
“spine-tingling electronic avant-pop deserves to be muscling the boys out of the way” Word
“4/5” The Times
“4/5” Daily Telegraph
“The best electro-pop album Bjork never made” 8/10 DJ
“Smart, likeable and, best of all, unlike anyone else” 4/5 Mixmag
“A weird and wonderfully expressive collection of songs” Stool Pigeon
“Her work is a unique beast, a beguiling, unpredictable hybrid” i-D
“…A deeply imaginative and genuinely distinctive record” 4/5 The Skinny